Mixed Recycling

  • We have always sorted our glass, card, paper, plastic, cans & foil for recycling. Since mid 2021, we have also recycled our food waste, which is collected for conversion into organic fertiliser or animal feed & sold to local farmers. By improving our handling of food waste, we reduced our refuse collections by 50% by the end of 2021.
  • In our accommodation at the Dinton Hermit, each room has a bin divided into two sections for general rubbish on one side and recyclable items on the other. This encourages our customers to recycle effectively.

Office supplies

  • Our empty printer ink cartridges get sent back to the manufacturer for recycling.
  • We save our bubble wrap and donate it to our nominated charity, PACE, who use it for packaging delicate equipment.
  • In each of our offices, we have a bin for our dead batteries. These are taken to a local supermarket to be recycled and this ensures none go to landfill and leak toxic waste.

Ink catridges for recycling

Bins in our offices

Batteries for recycling

Cooking Oil

  • Our used cooking oil is collected by Olleco, the UK’s leading refiner of used cooking oil, who convert it into high quality, low carbon biodiesel. It can also be used in 100% concentrations in adapted vehicles. This has the effect of reducing carbon emissions by 88% compared to fossil diesel. Across the Moogies pubs, we have recycled 5880 litres!
  • The process involves:
    • Used oil being  taken to one of Olleco’s processing sites.
    • Any food fragments & water are removed from the oil & are used in their anaerobic digestion plant.
    • Cooking oil passes through a state-of-the-art biorefinery & it goes through a series of processes which convert it into biodiesel.
    • How clever is that!


  • When we take down our Christmas decorations, our Christmas trees are converted into chippings to use as mulch in our gardens. This helps deter weeds and also helps retain moisture in the soil.
  • Rather than binning or burning our old garden furniture at The Black Boy, we offered it to member of the local community. No charge was made for it but we invited recipients to make  voluntary donation to our nominated charity, ‘PACE’. In total, we donated 14 wooden tables and over 50 wooden chairs!